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You know the environment’s in trouble when Hollywood starts making films with subtle warnings about climate change.

From Al Gore to the new 2012 movie, everyone’s talking about saving the world from a new kind of terrorist: greenhouse gas.

So taking a leaf from Tinsel town we mere mortals must too think about how to help Mother Earth.

After all, everyone should be worried that James Bond now cares about saving water.

And it’s the younger members of society, the future, that have the most to be concerned about.

Honestly, anyone who’s in government now can talk all they like about climate change but they’ve got nothing to worry about. They’re not going to be alive when Antarctica finishes melting. It’s the younger generations (like yours truly), who’ll be standing on the edge of the world as the sea covers us and the Titanic music starts to play.

So what can you do to avoid going to this watery grave?

For a start we should look at our obsession with bottled water. Sure it tastes better and we do look very cool paying for something that normally comes for free.

But think of all the fossil fuels used to make those bottles and where they end up.

According to Total Environment Centre only 35 percent of 118,000 tonnes of bottles are recycled each year.

Not to mention that we’re wasting $2.50 on what is probably just tap water anyway.

But bottled water is just the beginning, we should also look at another much loved treat: chocolate.

Now I don’t want to be a fun killer but fairly traded organic chocolate doesn’t use slave labour, keeps poor farmers afloat and has a reduced environmental impact…And just because chocolate has a conscious doesn’t mean it tastes any less divine.

Sure it’s no Mars Bar but it’s absolutely guilt free.

Now in the grand scheme of things these two tips might seem small. But by considering these we can start to look at the way we shop as a whole and avoid excess packaging and unfairly traded products.

Ethical shopping isn’t hard and not something we should write off. Almost everything you buy has an ethical counterpart.

Even some of the most fashionable designers have organic clothing that are green, sustainable and no longer just for hippies.

It’s not much, but it’s sure better than just sitting waiting for the sea to rise.


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